MedPass helps clients obtain visibility on the reimbursement landscape for their products, in various EU markets. We perform in depth, customized, product specific research to determine any funding and reimbursement opportunities. The landscape aims to provide an overview of the reimbursement mechanism for the device.

Our objective is to anticipate immediate opportunities for the device and identify potential pathways for long-term opportunities.

Gap analysis
We determine what actions need to be taken with respect to clinical studies, KOL development and meetings with payers. Development of value dossiers and economic arguments to secure longer term reimbursement and successful market access. The gap analysis aims to indicate the expectations of the targeted HTA authorities, payers and physicians for the device in terms of clinical and economical evidence.
We then develop strategic roadmaps to prioritize key countries for product launch, and identify pan-European opportunities for coordinated health technology assessments. The aim is to analyze all of the findings, to propose the best options for timely and efficient market access/reimbursement of the technology in targeted countries.

MedPass access and reimbursement strategies.

Features of our customized reimbursement services include:

  • In-depth, customized Reimbursement Roadmaps for key EU markets, including short term strategies. To obtain reimbursement by identification of existing coverage for competing products, and identification of fast track reimbursement procedures for innovative technologies.
  • KOL and payer meetings and advisory boards.
  • Health Technology Assessment (HTA) dossier preparation and submission.
  • Health Economic Model adaptation for EU markets.
  • Systematic Literature Reviews, evidence assessments and development of value propositions.

We provide our clients with the most valuable advice before implementing the clinical protocol. As a CRO,  MedPass help clients in building the clinical development strategies all along the process.

Coding and Payments

Obtain visibility regarding the targeted countries (early opportunities, existing codes and payments or innovation funding programs).

Evidence Gap Analysis

Assess decision-makers’ expectations (through benchmark, literature, guidelines and HTA reviews) with regards to the device’s available information.

Strategic Roadmap

Determine what actions need to be taken to secure longer term reimbursement, successful market access and countries prioritization.

Policy-Makers Interviews

Confirm reimbursement strategy and requirements, assistance for the slide deck preparation, debriefing session to implement reimbursement actions.

Value Dossiers and Submissions

Preparation, review and validation of the application for reimbursement or funding programs purposes.

Real-World Evidence and HEOR

Health Economic Model adaptation for EU markets, cost-effectiveness and budget impact analysis.

We are highly experienced in developing and validating reimbursement roadmaps, for a broad range of technologies covering all therapeutic areas. MedPass assist manufacturers to insure/ensure that sudy design  will meet reimbursement requirements in certain key markets.