“I wanted to sincerely thank you for your support throughout our journey! Your expertise and guidance were very valuable and helped us to assure we were on track! We appreciated your partnership in attaining this milestone! ”
VP of Regulatory & Quality


“Your turn-around on the Poland re-submission was really remarkable. I understand the time pressure has been intense for a very challenging study, and that we do not always agree on each next step.  I do strongly value your counsel in these matters and this has proved very helpful in guiding response and setting our expectations. Many thanks for your continuing support”
VP Quality and Regulatory Affairs, USA
“I want to thank you for your incredible efforts as we collect our interim 30 day and 6 Month Data! You are OUTSTANDING!”
Director of Clinical Affairs, USA
“Over the last few weeks I have been very impressed with the work of MedPass and your responsiveness to our company on the MHRA paperwork. The counsel MedPass offered was nothing short of outstanding and I can say that our success in obtaining approval today was due in great part to the assistance of MedPass.”
Director of Clinical Research, USA
“Just Fantabulous effort to accomplish this turnaround and submit the revised plan. To all the team and Medpass really big THANK YOU! Best of life!”
COO, France
“Our new regulatory partners in Europe, MedPass, were terrific in prepping us for the meeting, helping to create the framework for the clinical evaluation review (CER) and facilitating key parts of the dialogue with the [Notified Body].”
President and CEO, USA
“Team MedPass
I can’t thank you enough for the help.  We literally probably saved the company (and this technology).There are few times when you can look back on a few days and know that you changed the direction of things that were it not for your effort.
With gratitude.”
President and CEO, USA
“Yes it was a pleasure working with the MedPass team; you are all true professionals! I would definitely keep you in mind for future activities.”
Director of Clinical Affairs, USA
“Thanks for the note and kind words!  It has been a long, but fun, road.  We still have to finish the US trial, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.
Thanks for being a great partner.  I look forward to future opportunities to work together again more closely.”
Vice President, Clinical Affairs, USA
“Yes it was a pleasure working with the MedPass team; you are all true professionals! I would definitely keep you in mind for future activities.”
Director of Clinical Affairs, USA
“I can only say « wow » on this resolution! Thank you so much for your follow-up !”
Global Clinical Affairs, the Netherlands
“Your CRA’s  efforts and clear focus on the priorities and objectives of our interim database freeze allowed us to collectively complete an enormous amount of data collection and query resolution in the last three weeks.  I write this email in the air as I return from London, feeling much more at ease about the status of our UK sites.  This is a luxury to say the least, especially in the midst of significant company deadlines.What a pleasure to communicate the good things that happen during the course of our battles that can sometimes compromise clinical research!  Thank you for assigning her to our study.”
Director, Clinical Affairs, USA
“I am writing to share with you my feedback on the EXCELLENT work that was done by the Director of the reimbursement department today in Strasbourg.  It is a true privilege to work with your reimbursement team !  Their proactive attitude is refreshing and their work is world-class.”
President & CEO Class III medical device start-up, USA
“We received our CE marking certificates from notified body this morning.  Thank you for all of your support and assistance, which were indispensable for this timely approval.”
Co-founder, medical device start-up
“Thank you all for your commitment and dedication. This has been orchestrated and executed flawlessly. Getting those MRIs today was critical for us.”
President & CEO, Class III medical device start-up, Israel
“I was approached by  2 research coordinators from Bonn.  They reported to me that they “loved” the MedPass  database.  They even commented to me that in their impression, it is easier to use and a bit better than my Study data base.  With that I said to them this is all thanks to you and your team!”
Vice President, Clinical Affairs, USA
“Our notified body has granted the CE mark for our [device]. We would like to express our greatest appreciation for the support that MedPass has give to us for this difficult task. Without your suggestion (at the beginning) to try to get the CE mark only with the Japanese clinical data, it would have never been achieved. In fact, it may be considered historical to receive the CE mark only with the Japanese trial data, which will be noted by the Japanese agency and investigators.”
Director of Multinational, Japan

“I wanted to let you know that I was really impressed with your CRA here in Basel the last 2 days.  We had 1 day of monitoring today and I felt that she asked excellent questions and interacted very professionally and positively with the site staff.  It is a pleasure to work with her.”Clinical Research Associate, III, USA